Last updated 7 Jun, 2017

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Venues and Clubs

Mechanismus ( )
Industrial shows at a heavy metal vegan bar.

Mercury ( )
Seattle's member's only goth club. Go here to ask about getting somebody to guest you in.

Resurrection Sundays ( )
Sunday night goth dancing with occational specail events.


Catalyst Studios ( )
Resin and bronze skulls, plaintings, and other art.

Tormented Artifacts ( )
Masks, pouches, and other leather goods.

Mourning Market ( )
Show with all the vendors displaying their stuff.


Gothic Charm School ( )
The Gothic Miss Manners answers your questions.

Writhe and Shine comic ( )
Goths living in New Orleans


The Rest of the World


Bat's Day ( )
End a weekend of bands and vendor room with the day all the goths go to Disneyland.

Burning Man ( )
It's hot and dusty and full of freaks. You don't want to go.

Edwardian Ball ( )
Weekend ball based on the works of Edward Gorey.

Wasteland Weekend ( )
Mad Max re-enactment in the deserts of California.

Wave-Gothic-Treffen ( )
Probably the biggest gothic/industrial festival in the world.

Cold Waves ( )
Chicago Industrial Music Festival

Terminus ( )
Canadian industrial music festival in Calgary.

Pages of Interest

the cult mag that pioneered goth (
Interview with Fred Berger of Propaganda Magazine

Crash Worship ( )
Remebmering one of the greatest bands ever, the Bacchanalian Crash Worship.

Ashes to Ashes: A Timeline of David Bowie's influence on Goth ( )
A collection of many of the musicians that have claimed they have been influenced by Bowie.